The Plant Cafe

The Plant Cafe site design was my final project for a Front-End Web Development class I took at General Assembly. It was spring of 2014 and I wanted to expand my knowledge into UI and Website Design in a more formal way; I desired to fill in the gaps of the knowledge I’d already obtained towards this goal. I needed to learn to code. I felt that understanding UX, Visual Design, and Front-End coding would make me an unstoppable designer! By day I was still a Designer at AdRoll, but at GA I developed skills that would allow me to have a more UI-focused role.

I created a clean, modern design, allowing the high-resolution images to be showcased as art pieces on every page. Using JavaScript I programed parallax scrolling, creating visual depth and space for them. The images have a bright, earthy, saturated color palate of their own, so I chose to use a natural mid-tone color palate for the UI and typography. This allows the images to be the focal points while still allowing the content to be digested easily. I used my favorite san sarif font, DIN, to reinforce the simple, modern design of the Plant Cafe’s San Francisco storefronts.